In year 2011 we had fun and we've been succesfull on shows

Dreiländersieger 2011 Open Class in Herbertingen
Association: IRJGV, Judge: Mrs. Ströhle

German Winner 2011 Open Class in Meitingen
Association: VRZ, Judge: Mrs. Mayer

Worldwinner 2011 Open Class in Straubing
Association: EKU, Judge: Mr. Wimmer

Tiroler & Kaiserreich Winner 2011 Open Class in Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
Association: EKU, Judge: Mrs. Schlehofer

Rating V1

Best in Show in Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
Association: EKU

3. Rang

Winner on the Gala-Champion-Show 2011 Open Class in Kellinghusen
Association: IHR, Judge: Mrs. Braun

A perfect parting

Rating V1

Best in Show in Kellinghusen
Association: IHR

2. Rang

Boundarywinner Bavaria-Austria 2011 Open Class in Ebersberg
Association: IRJGV, Judge: Mrs. Ströhlke

Rating V1

Swabianwinner 2011 Open Class in Wertingen
Association: EKU, Judge: Mrs. Weller

Rating V1

Austrian Federalwinner 2011 Open Class in Aspach
Association: EKU, Judge: Mrs. Schlehofer

Rating V1

Bavarianwinner 2011 Open Class in Wolnzach
Association: EKU, Judge: Mr. Zielke

Rating V1

This was 2010

A resume of the Judgereports in 2010 * Head: typical head for the breed, masculine and strong
* Ears: ears worn correctly, feathered heavily
* Eyes: dark and good set in eyes
* Teeth: full complement of scissor bite, strong lower jaw
* Back: solid and straight back
* Breast: very good depth of chest, strong chest
* Testicles: both testicles to be felt
* Forehand: straight and parallel forehand
* Hindquarters: well angulated hindquarters
* Paws: round and unbroken paws
* Motion: ground covering, joyful ,lively, free and open movement
* Coat: good textured coat, well looked after coat of a good length, best ears
* Tail carriage: set correctly and joyfully carried over the back, nice tail

In 2010 we had following results:

In November 2010 studdog Cayo became to be International Youthchampion 2010.

Worldwinner & Champion 2010 in Halle
Association: DRV, Judge: Mrs. Gerl
Rating sg1

Youth Europeanwinner 2010 in Meitingen
Association: DRZ, Judge: Mrs. Mayer
Ratinng sg1

Placed in the categorie Best in Show
Association: DRZ, Show: Meitingen

In August 2010 Cayo submitted the document National Youthchampion 2010.

Youthwinner Worldshow 2010 in Schefflenz
Association: ACI, Judge: Mrs. Degen
Rating sg1

Youthwinner German Cup 2010 in Schefflenz
Ausrichter: CAR, Judge: Mr. Kohout
Rating sg1

Youthwinner Kaiserreich 2010 in Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
Association: EKU, Judge: Mr. Wimmerle
Rating sg1

Jüngstensieger Allgäu 2010 in Memmingen
Association: EKU, Judge: Mr. Zielke

Rating vv