Welcome to the site about my dog ...

Hello my name is Schmusi Cayo von den Flauschköpfen, and I am a studdog.

The newest litter is from June! Pics and Infos about you can find here 'Offspring'.

If you're interested to mate your shedog with my male, please contact us per e-mail.

In 2012 we were not go so often on shows, i think.
The next show where we will be, is at Kiefersfelden. If you like to see us, you're welcome.

And if you like this site, please vote here . Thank you very much!

Where I am from and who are my forefathers, you can find out here 'Infos'.

In December 2011 he has made his Health checked for breeding.
We make a point that the offspring is healthy and a typical look like the FCI - Standard for Bichon Havanese.
Thats why we have checked our dog on inherited disorders like Patellaluxation (PL),PRA and Cataract and presented him on Shows from difficult associations. More about you can find under 'Check-up' and 'Shows and titles'.

Cayo is a typical, loveley and cuddly male dog with a agreed and friendly character. About his character and his typical appearance (coat, size) he is a dignified representative of his breed.
"A selfconfident agile male, a beautiful specimen of his breed." (Quotation from a judgereport)

Our studdog lives in our family and loves playing with our children. Against straingers he is carefully and reserved, but if he know someone, he likes them and go to play with. He is always a friendly, in a good temper Havanese, he often brings us to laugh about, but he can also lay calm on his place.

Many thanks to Cayos Breeder Pia Leppert for this wonderfull male. And also many thanks to Michaela Jörg, to persuade me that I be proper to have a stud dog.

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